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Download a Beta Build of Skyreach below.
Note: Skyreach is best played on an Xbox Controller
but can be played with keyboard and mouse.

Skyreach will have you exploring an ancient civilization lost in the clouds.
You will construct your path as you wind your way through floating mountains, hand
carved columns, and relics of a time long passed. Collect crystals and time your
play precisely to increase your score as you travel through the stunning
environments of Skyreach!

A huge thanks to everyone that supported us in getting our game greenlit!

Click Here to visit our Steam Greenlight page.

Meet the Team

Here you can learn more about the people behind the game

Lawrence Boye

Technical Artist

Lawrence was our team's swiss army knife as his knowledge and expertise was applied to nearly every area of the game. Modelling, textures, substances, importing/exporting assets into the engine, web development; you name it he could handle it.

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Reilly Gray

Concept Artist & Texutres

Reilly provided all the concept art for our game from inception to completion. His artwork served as the foundation for the overall artistic style of the game. His textures helped bring this vision to life with the help of the other artists on the team.

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Cameron Grey

Community Manager

Cameron ensured that everyones hard work on the game was seen by the public. He managed all of our community outreach including twitter, facebook, and community forums such as Reddit and the Unity community forum.

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Earl Kirkland

Technical Artist

I am tall, white and nerdy. I have one butt cheek hairy while the other is as smooth as a baby's butt. My role for this game is to create aesthetically pleasing 3D art, shaders, substances, and working with the engineers to get our art in the game.

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Ryan Kirschman

Lead Engineer

Whether diving into the heart of the code or helping to prioritize tasks and managing team members, Ryan was the person we could always count on. His expertise and leadership were invaluable.

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Leo Li

Gameplay Engineer

Leo's dedication to gameplay mechanics is only matched by his passion for games as a whole. He would spend weeks perfecting each mechanic to ensure the best possible experience and the most amount of fun for the player.

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Mate Mihanovic

QA Manager

Mate leads our quality assurance team with a tireless devotion to the best possible player experience. Every day, every build, Mate works to find, track, and squash as many bugs as possible.

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Pinakin Pandit

Special Effects Artist

Pinakin provided all the particle effects, special effects, and animations found in our game. He is always hungry for more work and is happy to do whatever he can to aid the team in making a good looking, fun game.

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Jon 'JP' Pardew

Game Designer

JP was at the core of our game's design. He worked with the team every day to find the best way to implement the game's different mechanics. JP's insight to mechanics was valuable paramount to the success of our game.

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Drew Pariser

Level Designer

Drew is a man-storm. A raging torrent of testosterone and masculinity.

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Aditya 'Adi' Rajani

Environment Artist

If you haven't seen it, Adi's hair is majestic. But he's more than a magnificient mane. He's also an endless supply of corny jokes that never fail to put a smile on the team's faces. Adi did the majority of our models in the game focusing primarily on the environment.

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Omey Salvi

QA Developer

Omey doesn't like Hotline Bling, but he does know the dance. Omey has been our chief bug squasher and works closely with our QA Manager to ensure as smooth an experience as possible for the user.

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Nick Wu

Tools Engineer

Nick is a machine that turns Coca-Cola into code. He is everywhere fixing everything for everyone. Primarily he made the tools the artists, designers, and fellow engineers used to get everything into the game quickly and seemlessly.

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Erik Willis

Lead Producer

"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." This line from Futurama represents the philosophy Erik follows as he manages deadlines, stakeholders, and team communication.

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Yuchen Zhang

Audio Engineer

Yuchen is our fallen brother who unfortunately had to return home to China to undergo a necessary surgery. We wish him well and he is sorely missed. When he was with us he worked on integrating all of the games audio and music.

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